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Established in 2016, Unda Engineering Inc. is on a pioneering mission to lead the way in sustainable solutions for both industry and urban environments. Our core competency lies in the meticulous design, progressive development, and precision manufacturing of tailored solutions catering to the low to medium-temperature thermal demands of industrial, residential, and agricultural sectors. All our solutions seamlessly integrate with renewable energy sources.

Operating under the Calor-e brand, a division of Unda Engineering, our Calor-e Thermal Energy Storage Technology stands out by efficiently converting excess electrical energy into heat, ensuring rapid and on-demand utilization. Committed to meeting your specific requirements, our engineering team conducts detailed custom feasibility studies to deliver the optimal solution for your needs.

In 2022, we celebrated a significant milestone with the successful implementation of our Calor-e Thermal Energy Storage System, achieved through a collaborative thermal energy storage pilot project with TMM Blower and UNDA Engineering. As we continue rigorous testing through virtual simulations in our R&D activities, we remain dedicated to providing innovative solutions. Stay connected with Calor-e and be a part of its ongoing development journey.


We're making our way towards success through our own efforts, and where we stand now is just the beginning of the journey.

Investment in us is an investment in the future. We invite discerning investors to join us, as together, we chart a course for growth, success, and lasting prosperity.

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