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 Store Energy, Redefine the Future!

Heat generation is carbon intense

Calor-e emerges as a game-changing solution to the carbon-intensive landscape of traditional heat generation. By tackling the widespread reliance on fossil fuel burners, especially those fueled by imported natural gas, Calor-e introduces a groundbreaking approach with its carbon-free heat generation system. Harnessing low-cost renewable energy sources, the technology efficiently converts energy into heat, providing intraday storage for users to charge during periods of inexpensive energy and access stored heat on demand, reaching temperatures up to 400 °C. With a focus on local production, Calor-e's modular and scalable design ensures adaptability across various industries. The thermal batteries boast a remarkable 25-year lifetime, significantly contributing to environmental conservation by reducing CO2 emissions by 517 tons per year and offering an annual cost avoidance of 63,000 USD compared to natural gas alternatives. In essence, Calor-e stands as a pivotal advancement in sustainable heat generation, offering industries a reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious alternative to traditional fossil fuel burners.



Revolutionizing the energy sector, our thermal storage innovation utilizes steel, boasting a robust capacity of 0.6 - 1 MWe per unit. By efficiently storing temperature within steel, our technology ensures a sustainable and efficient solution. With rapid response and charging capabilities ranging from 50-500 kW, our system promptly meets energy demands while offering flexibility through variable discharge capacities of 10-1000 kW. The standout feature lies in its instant replacement capability, guaranteeing uninterrupted energy flow and providing a reliable solution for energy systems. Embodying robust performance and agile energy management, our steel-based heat storage technology heralds a new era in the energy landscape.

The Impact of Calor-e on Emissions Reduction

Twice daily usage, 260 days / year, 25 Years

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